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Our Winter break is over and we welcome your enquiries - thank you so much for your patience. We are refreshed and are now making plans for our 2018 pups.
Email is best | info@amalie.com.au



Here's a sneak peak of our program...

Trainers we recommend

Sue Thompson - Animal stars (Guanaba, Q)
Sam - Take-a-paws 0422 505707 (Melbourne, V)
Melissa - Clever Paws (Buderim, Q)
Justin - Jordon Dog Training (Brisbane, Q)
Hans - Service Dog Training (Melbourne, V)

Some handy links
Mobile Professional Grooming - Brisbane
Ms Miyerla Pereira (BVsc) Phone | 0410 530198

Clicker training | Instructional videos to download

Author | Kyra Sundance 101 Dog Tricks

Training halter | Blackdog Infin8

Vegan Pet - the only vegan pet food I endorse

Kennels, training and dog minding...

For more of our favourite things, please see the resources page

+ Emergency and Specialist Services
We list below some services we have used and recommend because of the standard of care, their compassion and availability of services, 24/7

Please familiaraise yourself with the emergency services in your area and their contact details - please note, these may differ from the numbers listed below. In an emergency you will need to know their phone number and how to get there.

Geelong - U-Vet -- ph| 03 5222 2139
Werribee - U-Vet -- ph| 03 9731 2000
Melbourne - Advanced Vetcare -- ph| 03 9092 0400

• Brisbane - QVS Northside ph| 07 3359 0777
• Brisbane - AES Southside ph| 07 3423 1888
• Sunshine Coast - SC-PetER ph| 07 5445 1333
• Sydney - SASH North Ryde ph| 02 9889 0289

Other Links

For raw food dietary advice and holistic health
Renee O'Duhring - Sunshine Coast ph| 07 5476 7674
The Natural Vets

Jetpets - our preferred carrier for domestic + international travel

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