COVID-19 updates

Our waiting list is currently closed and will likely open sometime next Summer.
Prices in 2021 range from $4000-$5000 for rare colouring (roaring-reds and phabulous-phantoms).

How does the waitlist work - where am I on the list?
The number on the list is only really relevant to me and guides our breeding program - I'll explain: Say you are number 17 on the list, it doesn't mean a huge amount and it can't give you a time frame because.... If everyone ahead of you wants the same thing, you are simply number 17 in the queue. If everyone ahead wants the exact opposite to you, you are number one. If Mother Nature gives us lots of what you want, you progress quickly, if not, you don't, and I can't control what we produce. So, in short, managing waitlists is complicated but we will be in touch as soon as we are able to offer you something that meets your wishlist.

For your safety and ours, Amalie has a Covid Safety Plan in place.

Please note, we are unable to accept international applications at this time.
Pic of Amalie Archer for cuteness .... stay tuned on our puppies page.


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