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We have been working to improve our photo albums for you so you can start to get to know some of our wonderful breeding dogs based in Victoria. We also have some breeding hopefuls that are yet to be health tested but to check them out in anticipation, please click on our breeding hopefuls link below...

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Amalie Cher... Oh Cher-Cher, you are our lovely big black snuggly teddy-bear. Ths girl is just tops and gives the best hugs!

Cher's health test results

Cher's photo album

ALF1 - Standard

Amalie Calypso... Maggie is the first of our phantoms - she makes beautiful bubs but they are hard to come by.

Calypso's health test results Retirement litter Dec 21

Calypso's photo album

ALF3 -Small medium

Amalie Rojo...Kenzie is medium sized, a loyal family companion and a joy to have around. She loves life and has a lot of love to give to all who meet her once she gets to know you.

Kenzie's health test results

Kenzie's photo album

ALF3 - Medium

Black Magic

Amalie Black Magic... Eyes are the window of the soul - that makes little Gracie soft and deep. Yes she is a compassionate and gentle girl.

Gracie's health test results

Gracie's photo album

ALF3 - Medium

Talk of the Town

Amalie Talk of the Town... Molly is such a sweetie - she just loves to cuddle. An energetic dood, she is a great companion on a walk and equally good for a snuggle on the couch.

Molly's health test results

Molly's photo album

ALF2 - Medium

Bon Bon

Amalie Bon Bon... Bonnie has "Border Collie" markings and is so named after my sister's dog. A little lady - she's a treat.

Bonny's health test results - retirement litter Oct 21

Bonny's photo album

ALF3 - Medium


Amalie Salamanca... Rosie is confident, calm and great fun - a buddy to the boys in her life. She's an easy girl to have around.

Rosie's health test results

Rosie's photo album

ALF2 Small Standard


Caralee Amica... Although just a little girl, Miss Maddy is full of beans when its play time and loves a good mud puddle (doesn't every dood?) She is wonderfully loving and entertaining all at once.

Maddy's health test results

Maddy's photo album

Pure AL (PAL) Mini


Amalie Tuesday... Hazel is a tiny tott - we hope to have more babies with her soon. Lovely mini girl.

Hazel's health test results

Hazel's's photo album

ALF2 Mini


Amalie Chloe... So much like her mother Suki, Miss Elsie is a fabulous example of how consistent Amalie's lines are developing. Loving her sunbleached locks.

Elsie's health test results

Elsie's photo album

ALF2 Medium


Amalie Annalise... A sweet soul with a good dose of fun mixed in. She's an awesome companion, nice size (small standard) and keen to be in the midst of family life.

Annie's health test results

Annie's photo album

ALF1 Standard


Amalie Desiree... One of our favourite lines - perfect proportions and family oriented temperament. A compact bundle of chocolate teddy bear.

Juniper's health test results

Juniper's photo album ALF3 Small Medium


Amalie Sugar 'n Spice... Charli lives up to her name - a little of both she is. Her bubs are "standing at stud" at both Silverleaves and Gumnut labradoodles.

Charli's health test results

Charli's photo album

ALF3 Small Medium


Amalie Mary-Rose... Malia is also a handful of sweet and spicy. She knows when to be bossy but at the same time butter wouldn't melt... She so takes after her mummy Roo.

Malia's health test results

Malia's photo album ALF2 Small Medium

Falcon Hill Goldie... So lovable - Lou Lou has been added to our program because of her "to die for" nature. She is just amazing - patient, soft and huggable. She lives at home with us.

Lou Lou's details and health test results RETIRING

Lou Lou's album

LO - standard


Amalie Discovery... She is both spunky and demure all at once. Awesome manners but keen to explore. She is super pretty and as cheeky as her mummy.

Lulu's health test results

Lulu's photo album


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Studs available for stud services to approved breeders

Amalie Black Jack Davy... This lovable rogue came into the world on his own terms and we expect him to put his mark on it. Personality plus! Super-dooper family man.

Banjo's health test results

Banjo's photo album

ALF3 | proven large med


Amalie Kilkenny... Meet Mr Charming - Kenny is social, affectionate, fun-loving and just one cool dude. Look at those eyes - who could resist his charms.

Kenny's health test results

Kenny's photo album

ALF2 Proven medium


Amalie Ambrose... Zac has grown into a handsome chap. He has impeccable manners thanks to his wonderful guardian Noel. We love this little guy.

Zac's health test results

Zac's photo album

ALF2 Proven Medium

Buster Scruggs

Amalie Buster Scruggs... Another small fellow that packs a punch. Wearing his chaps on backwards, Wilson is a gorgeous boy with a bright future.

Wilson's health test results

Wilson's photo album

ALF2 Proven Small Medium


Amalie Elliot... Bundle of Love is Charlie boy. So delighted with him. He lives with his guardian family and "The Doctor" - Brewsta

Charlie's health test results

Charlie's photo album

ALF2 Proven Standard


Amalie Cheerful... A very fun loving and funny bundle of fluff, he loves the rough and tumble life and is my adventurer. He is nicely put together and fortunately all that dirt, dries and falls of his lustrous coat.

Bozzie's health test results

Bozzie's photo album ALF3 proven Medium


Amalie Artie... Paddy is from the retirement litter of Snickers and Mars - Sweet, sweet boy.

Paddy's health test results

Paddy's photo album ALF3 proven Medium


La Maison Our True North... Soulful eyes in this guy who will offer new genetics to our lines. Affectionate and loves to cuddle.

Lochie's health test results

Lochie's photo album ALF3



Boys on ice...

Amalie Digby... Digby will carry on Jasper's line for us. A gorgeously cheeky boy, he has made some BEAUTIFUL puppies!!! He has his Daddy's soft, gentle nature and soulful eyes. A handsome gentleman indeed.

Digby's details and health test results

Digby's photo album Medium ALF3

Sunset Hills In the Spotlight... Jasper is a gentle natured soul and wonderful companion. He is fantastic with our pups and just melts in your arms when its cuddle time. He is a true gentleman and we love him to bits.

Jasper's health test results

Jasper's photo album Medium ALF3

Rusty's Cracker Jack... We are sharing this little fellow with Rusty Amber Labradoodles. Beautiful parti markings and delightful build. He has grown into a handsome man (Semen available to Amalie only)

Jack's details and health test results

Jack's photo album Medium ALF 3

Amalie Mani... Baci boy is a true adventurer - just check out his photo album. He has beautiful manners and just loves his obedience training. We must try and catch him while he's surfing - what a guy!

Litters with Amalie Indigo 2014 - Wilbur
SH French Lace (for Raresilvers)
Baci's health test results
Baci's photo album Medium ALF3

Amalie Lincoln... Lincoln is a goofy sort of guy. He has a deep black soft fleece coat and a lovely playful nature. He is a very loyal friend.
Litters with Amazing Grace and Indigo

Link's details and health test results
Link's photo album Medium | ALF2 | on ice

Tallai Tango Jazz... Nelson is just tops - he loves people and people love him. A wonderful companion - loyal, fun loving and so fabulous to train.

Nelson's health test results

Nelson's photo album

ALF3 | proven medium

Amalie The Doctor... Brewster is a big and heavy set guy. He's a wonderful addition to his guardian family as a therapy dog.

Brewster's health test results Proven

Brewster's photo album

ALF2 | proven standard

Amalie Solomon... Scout has brought depth of colour and a delightful nature to our smaller puppies. He's had litters with our girls Ruby Tuesday (2), Diamonds in the Rough (3), Snugglepot, and Kalina's Dilkara

Scout's details and health test results
Scout's photo album Medium ALF2

Amalie Vincent... Wilson is the charmer, he has bucket loads of charm! He also has perfect conformation with a fleece coat. We just love this little fellow - his confidence and laid back disposition are just beautiful.

Wilson's health test results
Wilson's photo album

Amalie Boogie Street... We are both surprised and delighted with this parti boy. He will mature to large medium size. He is full of fun and fabulous.

Blaze's health test results

Blaze's photo album

ALF2 | retiring soon

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