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to Amalie Labradoodles - an outstanding, accredited breeding program located on the Bellarine Peninsula (Victoria), Australia. We specialise in beautiful multi-generation Australian Labradoodles with exceptional temperament and health attributes.

Well known for their intelligence and lovable, playful nature, Labradoodles have an easy to care for coat that typically does not shed. They make wonderful family companions.

Click on the links to read more about Amalie and our home based, family run program. We hope you enjoy our site – please contact us if you have any queries - Tracey

We have changed our application process to include a screening phase for our current litters.

Our list is OPEN and Accepting Applications.

The new process means people will have access to puppies in shorter time frames. To apply you will need to be ready for a pup.


We are always elvolving our program to ensure we offer our families wonderful puppies - healthy and happy.

- We are transitioning our program to Northern NSW in 2022 as we phase out our program at the very sceninc and spacious Curlewis property. This will mean that our program will reduce significantly over the next 5 years. Our Amalie pups will become a rarer thing.

- Many of our breeding dogs are retiring so new bloodlines can be introduced and as we refine our breeding lines.

- We have partnered with Frontier pets superior freeze dried raw food supplier

- Our puppy rearing program gives your pup the best training head start to help him or her settle into your home. We use and are recognised by both Avidog and Puppy Culture ... while we have always been doing many of the activities to enhance early socialisation and development intergenerational implemention is reaping huge benefits for our pups and their families.

To see a bit of what we do here at Amalie. Check out our "Totally Wild" segement on our Contacts page.

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Amalie is accredited with both NSW and the City of Greater Geelong. We are audited regularly (current 2022). We abide by the NSW and Victorian Code of Practice (for breeding and rearing puppies) and health test all of our breeding boys and girls to the highest standards.

In 2018, I chose not to renew my membership with the Australian Labradoodle Association (ALA). At that time, I agreed with the fundamental principles of the association however an evidence based approach to breeding our wonderful labradoodles was also an imperative for me. I had found the ALA's processes in considering and adopting new research limited development of the breed.

In managing our program I work closely with specialists so that I can bring together my passion with science and evidence based practice to raise puppies of the highest standard. Please contact us if you have questions.

Amalie's CV ...
While a member of the ALA  (2007-2018) I held the offices of President, Vice President, Secretary, Complaints Officer, New Breeder Coordinator. I developed new policies to strengthen health testing and led major revisions of governance documents including the ALA Code of Ethics and ALA Rules.

Breeder mentoring is a vital part of protecting the health and vigour of our breed - by teaching new breeders the value of ethical breeding practices and supporting knowledge and skill development, we can know that the puppies we raise as a breeder community are in safe hands. By educating breeders in ways they can support new owners - you can have confidence in the breeder and the puppy you are inviting into your home and family. I mentor and collaborate with Australian Labradoodle breeders all around the world in an endeavour to share knowledge and enhance breeder skills. I lead an international mentoring group.

In my other life I am a daughter, sister and partner to the human love of my life, Pete. I have been a midwife, neonatal specialist, lactation consultant and have a Master's of Public Health and Tropical Medicine. I have worked in Government and policy, been an educator and run a family planning clinic in a malaria clinic (Maela refugee camp on the Thai-Myanmar border).

You are welcome to ask questions and scrutinise my breeding program - I am confident you will find that I uphold values and practices of excellence where our puppies are placed first and foremost.












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