Labradoodle puppies for sale

Labradoodle puppies for sale in Byron Bay – servicing Gold Coast & Brisbane

But truely, our puppies are loved all over Australia and internationally. We are able to arrange transportation with our expert handlers and have puppies residing in all states in Australia as well as New Zealand, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Laos PDR, Phillipines, Europe, UAE and USA.

We consult on puppy allocation at 6-7 weeks of age when the vet check is complete. Why do you have to wait that long to know which one is yours? We want to be sure all our puppies to have completed the first health check before you set your heart on any particular little boy or girl. Also, social behaviour and temperament can be better assessed at this age and we are in a better position to help you choose or to allocate pups based on the needs of our puppy families. Our Labradoodle puppies for sale come to their new homes from 8 weeks of age. We’re located in Byron Bay, NSW.

All pups currently available from Northern NSW but we can fly our pups interstate – they travel well with our experienced handlers. Microchip details on request.

Amalie Anna

Anna is very affectionate and very smart.  She is people focussed and confidently explores her world. She will be a good sized solid girl with a curly coat. I believe she could make a fabulous service dog as she has great confidence, drive and a willingness to please.
Already she has mastered crate training and sleeps in there overnight waking around 6.00-6.30am and she lets me know she needs to wee. She has focus, and is great with sit, drop and look. 

What we LOVE about Anna is that she cuddles like a Koala and loves the water. She makes us laugh and wants to communicate with us through her interactions in training. 

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Amalie Midnight Rain

Midnight Rain is confident but also sweet and gentle. She is a small medium with the most beautiful glossy black non-shedding coat. She sleeps well through the night (all night – BLISS) and is happy to be contained (crate trained).

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Amalie Flower

Flower a lovely, big rangey girl who loves to play in the garden. She interacts well with other dogs but is also content with her own company and a good bone.

She has a wonderfully textured and satin like fleece coat. We love her disposition.

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