Information sheets and helpful links

We have compiled some information and resources that we hope you find useful. If you’ve been unable to find what you’re looking for, please contact us [email protected]

How do I join Amalie’s waiting list?

We breed to demand and our Wishlist application process is your avenue to finding out more about us and getting on our list. We ask for an application fee (either payable by credit card on submission or on invoice when we have a puppy for you).


“Oodles of Oodles” – who is Amalie?

Amalie Labradoodles is a registered breeder of multi-generation Australian Labradoodles accredited with the City of Greater Geelong.


What does the grade of labradoodle mean?

Labradoodle grades increase with each successive coupling of labradoodle to labradoodle but what does the grade really mean? Is a higher grade a better quality of dog? No, the quality of the puppy relates to the quality of the parents and grandparents in the pedigree, the way the breeder rears the puppy and the individual’s genetics.


Tell me about Amalie’s health guarantee

We are committed to ensuring we do all that we can to breed exceptional Labradoodles. Our breeding stock are screened and we offer a 3 year genetic health guarantee to cover the rare chance that a puppy does develop dysplasia of the hip and elbow joints.


What’s a guardian home… how does it work?

Guardians care for Amalie’s breeding puppies while they remain in our breeding program. On retirement pups are de-sexed and then fully adopted by the family who has been caring for them for the past few years. The program can be a fantastic experience for the family and we do all that we can to involve those that want to be involved in the amazing life cycle events.


How do guardians look after a breeding girl?

In general, this is the same as for any puppy: care, love, discipline and safety. We will teach our guardian families what to do when a girl comes into season and how to care for her during pregnancy.


What health care will our puppy need?

For a holistic approach to health, you puppy needs a quality diet, sensible socialisation (especially important between 8-18 weeks of age), regular vaccinations and preventative health care, exercise and obedience training.


Special info on hip and joint care

You can do a lot to ensure your pup matures to a healthy adult. Joints need to be protected and joint injury or wear and tear is not simply a matter of genetics.


Any Amalie advice on obedience training?

The Australian Labradoodle is an intelligent breed and we strongly recommend that you invest time in learning about being a pack leader. Here are some great trainers and their YouTube video collections freely available online: Note – with Zak’s video he uses a harness which is something I do not recommend. Use a flat collar and leash instead please. The McCann Dog video demonstrates how to use the leash effectively.  Need help navigating online resources? Ask me for a recommendation!  Happy to help.

How do I look after my Labradoodle’s coat?

Firstly – fleece, wool, hair – what’s the difference? Fleece and wool are non-shedding coats that need regular brushing and clipping, while hair coats shed lightly and don’t require clipping except for a trim around the eyes.


Guide to toxic plants

Please take a look around your garden for these potential hazards: