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Welcome to Amalie Labradoodles – an outstanding, accredited breeding program located in the Byron Bay region (NSW), Australia. We specialise in beautiful, multi-generation Australian Labradoodles with exceptional temperament and health attributes.

Well known for their intelligence and lovable, playful nature, Labradoodles have an easy to care for coat that typically does not shed. They make wonderful family companions.

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About Amalie Labradoodles

Our Labradoodle breeding program is well recognised and until recently we have been based in Victoria where we are currently still accredited.  Our practice upholds or exceeds the state based legislative guidance for ethical breeding and rearing of puppies. For you, this independent assessment of our facilities, practice and records means you can be sure we are dedicated to doing what we say we do. All of our breeding boys and girls are health tested and we are committed to providing lifelong support to you and your puppy because we want you to get the very best from your canine companion.

Giving back to our community is important to us and we aim to prioritise enquiries from local families. We support those with special or specific needs to find just the right puppy who is capable of excelling in such a role and setting the family up for a successful relationship. For our breeder community we run an international mentoring group as mentoring is a vital part of protecting the health and vigour of our breed. By teaching new breeders the value of ethical breeding practices and supporting knowledge and skill development, we can know that the puppies we raise as a breeder community, have begun life where foundations are laid, in safe hands.

In managing our program, I work closely with specialists so that I can bring together my passion for breeding Labradoodles with science and evidence-based practice, raising puppies of the highest standard. Check out our current Labradoodle puppies for sale or please contact us if you have questions.

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About Tracey

We started with one Labradoodle in 2006 – our gorgeous Jezebel and Amalie’s matriarch. The family has grown and Jezzie has left her stamp on many of our puppies through the generations. We are grateful to Carla of Tallai Australian Labradoodles for mentoring us in the beginning and sharing the joy this breed has to offer.

Formerly a midwife, neonatal specialist and lactation consultant, I hold a Master’s of Public Health and Tropical Medicine and have worked in health policy throughout Australia, Asia and the Pacific. I have a love of teaching hence the depth of information you will find amongst Amalie’s pages. Dive in – there is much to learn.

I have previously been a member of the Australian Labradoodle Association (ALA 2007-2018) and held the offices of President, Vice President, Secretary, Complaints Officer and New Breeder Coordinator. I developed new policies to strengthen the organisation’s health testing and led major revisions of governance documents including the ALA Code of Ethics and ALA Rules.

You are welcome to ask questions and scrutinise my breeding program - I am confident you will find that I uphold values and practices of excellence where our puppies are placed first and foremost.

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