Upcoming Labradoodle litters

Here at Amalie we are excited to announce our upcoming litters of Labradoodles!  We have a variety of colours so there are gorgeous pups to suit everyone. We also have a list of wished-for litters. They are those that we have not yet mated, but are planned. So if you are looking for something specific, be sure to let us know!

With years of experience breeding Labradoodles, Amalie only breeds quality Australian Labradoodles so you can be sure we have done our utmost to be able to offer you a top-notch pup. We’re dedicated to providing families with healthy and sound dogs and our process is to allocate based on temperament. We believe that every family deserves a Labradoodle that is not only beautiful, but also as healthy as we can offer – physically, emotionally and socaially. To that end, we don’t just health test our breeding stock – we scrutinise them and will exclude (by retiring to their guardian family) anything that does not meet our standards for all key criteria. We go above and beyond to ensure that our dogs meet the highest standards of excellence. We want you to have the best canine companion possible.

We’re have recently relocated to the Byron Bay region so our pups can enjoy a bit more sun and surf! We will easily facilitate interstate travel for our clientele interstate. Check out our upcoming litters here and contact us if you have questions. If you are considering a puppy in Summer or in 2024, now is the time to submit your wishlist.

Labradoodles are generally social and make wonderful family companions. Browse our Labradoodle puppies for sale or learn more about our extensive breeding program.

Wished for: Amalie Galway Lass and Amalie Cloak and Dagger

Bonnie (Amalie Galway Lass) and Milo (Amalie Cloak and Dagger) had a wonderful litter back in 2023 and the pairing is well worth repeating. We will have medium to standard sized puppies in deep dark caramel and chocolate.

Applications are OPEN – please submit your wishlist to register your interest. Puppies would be expected over Summer 2024/2025.

Wished for: Amalie Discovery and Amalie Gingerbread Man

We have several other girls available to become mummies but it will depend on our applications as to who we will breed… Amalie Discovery is a small medium/ medium  and would make delicious Pure Australian Labradoodle (PAL) pups with Amalie Gingerbread Man.… but we have not yet firmly decided her boyfriend. 

Are you interested in this as a pairing? Please submit a wishlist and application fee to register your interest.

We are breeding to demand so will need wish lists submitted to guide our breeding decisions in 2024. Please  call me to discuss options. 

Wished for: Amalie Clancy and Amalie Clock and Dagger

Tilly (Amalie Clancy) and Milo (Amalie Cloak and Dagger) will make the most wonderful 70%-85% deep dark chocolate puppies in medium size. Some may be more like grandma Amalie Chloe with sun-bleached locks and they can also have cream / caramel. PAL
We will accept 4 applications for this litter. Tilly is expected  to come into season in June which would make puppies due home 4 months later (mid October – November).