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  • Amalie Goldrush

    Enzo is such a sweetie! He had a play in the yard and a big cuddle with me, then we went for a nice walk through the park. He was very happy to jump in his crate and settled right away. I was really sad to see him go, he was a favourite for me. He was quiet and sweet at the airport, wagging his tail in his crate every time a member of airline staff walked by. If every dog were as calm and happy as Enzo, our jobs would be much easier! I’m sure he’ll have a very comfortable flight!


  • Amalie Reta

    We have beautiful little Amalie Reta who was a little older when we got her. She has settled in so quickly and confidently, she’s been so easy to train, minimal toileting accidents, knows her name, is so gentle in her play and sleeps through the night. She has been the perfect little addition to our family🥰 we are all so in love with her

    Naomi C – Reta, perfect addition

  • Alana

    Hello! Just wanted to send a quick message and say thank you so much for the love of our lives! Amalie Yaan (now Terry) is the most beautiful dog/child to myself and my husband. He has such a lovely temperament with all humans (big and small) and other animals. He never steals food and is completely calm and settled being on his own or around others. While the puppy and adolescent stage was difficult, it has all been worth it as he is the most beautiful boy. Thank you again!

    Alana – our most beautiful dog/child

  • Toni-bruno.jpg

    An absolute pleasure dealing with Tracey from Amalie Labradoodles. Very helpful to ensure we got the puppy we wanted, aswell as providing so much useful information with how to deal with a new puppy - thanks Tracey

    Toni Kfouri – Perth

  • Review-catg

    We were looking for a caring breeder for a puppy for my family and in particular son with special needs. After much research we settled on Amelie Labradoodle and I am so glad we did. Tracey spent a lot of time talking with us about our specific needs and worked with us to find a suitable pup. We’ve had our girl now for 4 weeks and it’s been an amazing experience. She is well mannered, responded beautifully to training, is gentle and sensitive with the kids. What I value most though is Tracey’s ongoing support and availability to answer any questions we have, regarding training, feeding, behaviours etc. for a first time dog owner this has made the experience so positive. I would not hesitate to recommend Amalie Labradoodle to anyone.

    Cat Gibson

  • Review-shari

    The whole experience with Tracey could not be faulted. Tracey’s genuine care for both the pups and families is second to none. We have been so blessed with our boy Elton. He is so beautifully natured & calm. Knows how to sit/shake and it’s fully potty trained at 10 weeks. We could not recommend Tracey and her pups more.

    Shari Stillman

  • Review-tennelle

    Thought I'd update you on our boy, Milo. Having just turned one, I thought you might like to know how he's doing? As you know, it's been an up and down first year. Milo is a strong minded little man and we needed to really work on his behaviours and quirks. Now that he's turned one, what a gorgeous dog he's turned out to be. He's calmed down. He's a joy to be around and his manners when we have visitors over are extraordinary. Milo is so friendly and the best bit is, he is completely unreactive to other dogs! He loves them so much, plays with the pups and respects the seniors. But will walk past happily if a dog's barking at him. It's a breath of fresh air. Thankyou Tracey for your help and support during this first 12 months. Your hard work in ensuring your breeding is the best quality has paid off in spades. Milo's happy and healthy and we love having him in our family.

    Tennele S

  • Review-amele

    George has passed puppy pre school! We have now enrolled him in level 1 for training. We have done 4 private lessons with Courtney (another one coming up next month). George is walking well and recall is amazing. Still a lot of training to go but he is such a blessing to us and has settled in well. I just wanted to say thank you again for all you have done for us and allowing us to have George. George is part of our family and has such a close bond with the boys. So I can't thank you enough.

    Améle D

  • Leiza-cester-review

    Our gorgeous labradoodle Oliver turned two years young this week. He’s been an absolute joy. Thank you Tracey Lee for breeding such amazing pups and matching them so incredibly to our family 🙏🐶

    Leiza Cester

  • Review-icon-small

    We got our beautiful boy from Amalie earlier this year and he has been such a wonderful addition to the family. General Iroh is such a sweet and happy pup. He came to us with excellent manners and has continued being a quick learner. Tracey provided excellent support and advice throughout the process, too.

    Christina Soong

  • Ellie-nardino-review

    Thank you Tracey for the most wonderful addition to our family - Molly!! She is cheeky and so friendly, charming everyone she meets. It’s so nice to have her growing up with our other (human) baby.

    Ellie Nardino

  • Review-icon-small

    We are so in love with our newest family member Bentley from Amalie Labradoodles. He has settled in well with our large family and crazy busy life! It’s a testament to the love and care that Tracey gives all her litters. We were armed with plenty of information from Tracey to make sure our little man would be comfortable coming home with us. Thank you Tracey, we cannot imagine our lives without him ❤️

    Olga Addison

  • Dee-mb-review

    Charlie (Yuri) is an amazing puppy. All the training before he came home with us really set us up for a wonderful transition. All the information provided has eased into our first ever dog, thank you so much Tracey!

    Dee MB

  • Breanna-todd-review

    We picked up our boy Buddy two weeks ago and he is our perfect furry companion. Tracey made the whole experience a pleasure as she was honest, helpful and a wealth of knowledge with all her experience. She is an exceptional breeder and her love for the dogs is heartwarming. We are very much looking forward to all the fun we will have with Buddy in our lives! We couldn’t recommend Amalie Labradoodles more, we are forever grateful 🐶💙

    Breanna Todd

  • Kate-thurgood-review

    Tracey at Amalie Labradoodles is amazing. We picked up our girl Ziggy on Christmas Eve and she has fitted in so well to our family. Has the best temperament, came pretty much toilet trained and could also already sit when asked. Tracey has been nothing but helpful throughout our wait on the list and also patient with us why we waited for our perfect new family member. Cannot recommend Tracey enough. The time and effort she puts into her puppies shows with the pup you bring home. Thank you Tracey we may even be back for a friend for Ziggy one day ☺️

    Kate Thurgood

  • Jhunel-bonganay-review

    The overall experience with Amalie and Tracey is highly commendable. Our three month old Yuuki is so smart and so loved by us. Tracey was super helpful with the transition and we learnt a lot from her being first time parents.

    Jhunel Bonganay

  • Lisa-buttigieg-review

    I could not speak more highly of Tracey from Amalie Labradoodles, she is a wonderful breeder who cares deeply about her puppies. Not only did Tracey take exceptional care of our gorgeous Dusty before we got him, she was also supportive when he was home. If you are after a labradoodle don’t look anywhere else. Highly recommend Amalie Labradoodles.

    Lisa Buttigieg

  • Lisa-trollope-review

    Our beautiful Amalie boy Milo is 12 weeks old now. To say he has changed our lives for the better is an understatement. He has bought so much joy into our lives but has also helped our eldest child with anxiety to calm him down and Milo is teaching him important life lessons ❤️ Tracey is an exceptional breeder but also an exceptional person to deal with. She is highly experienced and puts in a huge amount of time and effort to handover a puppy that is so easy to train and has a beautiful temperament. To anyone out there looking for an Amalie Labradoodle, be patient as the puppy you end up with will be well worth the wait! We are forever grateful to Tracey for our special pup Milo 🐶

    Lisa Trollope

  • Melissa-cartledge-review

    We have had the pleasure of bringing two Amalie labradoodles into our lives - Ted and Daisy. Both dogs have been exceptional - gentle, loving and very well behaved. They have been easy to train, and very trustworthy with visitors (both adults and children). They love to come camping, go on our boat, travel well in the car and are very obedient. We cannot fault Amalie as a breeder and highly recommend their dogs. Daisy is growing beautifully to become a breeding pup for Amalie and we cannot wait to see her become a mummy!

    Melissa Cartledge

  • Gab-gibson-review

    We have been blessed with our beautiful Bonnie Bella who is now ten weeks old and a complete joy. Tracey was so helpful, knowledgeable and available for the new puppy questions we had as new fur baby parents. The support transition documents were so comprehensive and helpful I can’t recommend Amalie Labradoodles enough. Tracey’s pups are something special 🌸🐶 Bonnie settled in from night one no crying and beautiful manners she is a feisty smart little lass. Already nudging me at night to let her out for toilet time. We absolutely love her to bits.

    Gab Gibson

  • Wayne-patterson-review

    We are the proud owners of Gorgeous George. My experience with Amalie Labradoodles has been a absolute pleasure. Not only did we get the pup that we have dreamed off but Tracey is a wonderful person to deal with. She has kept us informed and up to date about the process all the way. It was worth getting on the waiting list as I could not recommend Amalie high enough. Thank you guys for a wonderful pup and a wonderful experience.

    Wayne Patterson

  • Review-icon-small

    In my experience with Amalie Labradoodles, there has not been one moment where I have been left in the unknown. By far an extremely positive experience and really have the time to help out their customers be good puppy parents. I cannot recommend Amalie Labradoodles more. Very big thumbs up!!!

    Bailea Robinson

  • Review-icon-small

    For first time dog owners we felt confident with our pup due to Tracey's comprehensive transitional information. He is such a beautiful boy and is making wonderful progress each day. We just adore him. We would highly recommend Amalie Labradoodles!

    Di Makings

  • Megan-cameron-review

    Our Puppy "Peggy" has been an absolute delight. The moment she came home she was calm, going to the toilet and slept easily in her crate in the bathroom. Tracey has been an incredible source of information and support, her puppies are beautifully bred with the gentlest of natures. Our 11 year old twin daughters read "Alice in Wonderland" to her at night before bed. one of our daughters has social anxiety and Peggy relaxes her completely. She is a divine member of our family and we love her to bits. I highly recommend Tracey and Amalie Labradoodles, you couldn't find a better breeder. We are so happy with the lovely "Pegs". Thankyou Tracey.

    Megan Cameron

  • Ellie-cecchini-review

    A huge thank you to Tracey for giving us the opportunity to adopt our gorgeous girl!! We appreciate your honesty and guidance throughout the process and ongoing support if ever we require. To those of you who are looking to adopt, we highly recommend Amalie Labradoodles. Tracey is undoubtably committed to ensuring all puppies and their parents health and well-being is the main priority and focus. Tracey also helped us with training, grooming, feeding and toilet training. We felt supported during the process and even now - months later. Thanks Tracey 🙂 all the best!!

    Ellie Cecchini

  • Lisa-ryan-review

    Our boy “Mack”, is simply delightful. From the moment we got him, he became a part of our family. He has the most beautiful temperament, is able to sit on command and already responds to his name, along with so much love to give. Tracey was exceptional from start to finish in keeping us updated & her handover with detailed information & advice was fabulous. The time and effort she puts into each of her dogs is outstanding, with so much love given to each of them. Thank you for giving us our best friend and very special member of our family. 💛🐾

    Lisa Ryan

  • Shabdankita-patil-review

    Absolutely amazing experience! These guys know what they are doing and provide all the help and information when getting the pup! He is absolutely adorable and has been a pleasure to have... thank you Amalie Labradoodles in raising such a wonderful pup!

    Shabdankita Patil

  • Leanne-waite-review

    We picked up our puppy Barney from Tracey a couple of months ago, and he has been the most beautiful tempered dog who loves people. Our experience with Tracey was always so professional and you can tell that she absolutely loves her puppies and looks after them so beautifully. We are loving our time getting to know Barney and are very thankful we were able to get a puppy from Amalie.

    Leanne Waite