Amalie Boo

Amalie Boo


Boo – where to begin. She is full of beans at the moment going through her adolescent years but comes from wonderful therapy stock. Part of the long game she offers up an exciting and new path for the future. She carries for parti.

29 October 2021

Amalie Boogie Street
Falcon Hill Goldie

Large Medium

Hips and Elbows
PennHip | 0.44, 0.41
AVA HIPS | 3+3=6
AVA Elbows | 0+0

Carrier Status | May carry for DM – no issue for puppies due to breeding strategies practiced at Amalie.
Orivet ID | pending

Coat/Colour | Curly fleece/Caramel abstract
Colour genetics | B?ee

Pedigree | by request

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