Amalie Clancy

Amalie Clancy

AKA Matilda / Tilly

Tilly’s coat is deep, deep chocolate. A divine treasure both at home and as a part of Amalie’s program. She wowed us with her training and has achieved the Canine Good Citizen Award.

8 October 2020

Amalie Elliot
Amalie Diamantina

Pure Australian Labradoodle (PAL)
Medium (49cm and 15.5kg)

Hips and Elbows 
PennHip | 0.42, 0.38
AVA HIPS | 4+4=8
AVA Elbows | 0+0

Carrier Status | Clear / IC clear
Orivet ID | 22N13061

Coat/Colour | Fleece / Chocolate
Colour genetics | bbEe at/a K/ky DD SS SHSH CC Uu


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