Amalie Salamanca

Amalie Salamanca

AKA Rosie

Rosie is confident, calm and great fun – a buddy to the boys in her life. She’s an easy girl to have around.

15 February 2019

Amalie Sugarman
Amalie Valentine Rose

Small standard (18.7kg and 50cm)

Hips and Elbows 
PennHip | 0.4, 0.46
AVA HIPS | 2+4=6
AVA Elbows | 0+0

Carrier Status | Carries for PRA and DM – no impact on offspring due to breeding strategies employed by Amalie Labradoodles.
Orivet ID | 20N10275

Coat/Colour | Fleece / Gold
Colour genetics | Bbee aa KK


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