Tallai Jezebel

Tallai Jezebel

AKA Jezzie

Jezzie is where it all began – she has been the most wonderful matriarch. I loved her beautiful straight coat and unique colouring that held its café toning all her life. She continued to love and watch over her extended family each day till she no longer could.

Tallai Indiana Bear
Tallai Charlie Girl

ALF1 / Medium (14 kg) 43 cm

Hips and Elbows
AVA Hips 1+ 3 = 4
AVA Elbows 0 + 0 = 0

Carrier Status | PRA Clear
Orivet ID
| LAD 9175

Coat/Colour | Fleece/Chocolate – Café
Colour genetics | bbEe

Registration| B4100114102

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