Liam the Labradoodle puppy travels from Byron Bay to Hong Kong

By the end of the Winter here in Geelong it was time for a bit of sunshine. We had a natural break in the breeding program, and took the opportunity to head north with our tribe of labradoodle puppies to Byron Bay. Liam was the last of his siblings to be placed with a family so of course, he came with us.

He settled into sun, surf and life on the beach very easily and it was not long before we had an enquiry from a family in Hong Kong. Suzie was specifically looking for a puppy that was “grounded and not anxious with an easy temperament” to slot into her family. Having spent additional time with us and with all his life experiences – Liam was the perfect match for her busy and fun-loving family. After a couple of discussions by phone to talk through his attributes and the details for export, plans for his jet-setting relocation began.

There is a lot that goes into readying a puppy for travel. For our international pups, there are additional import and export protocols that need to be adhered to precisely. We use Departure Pets to manage the business side of things while we get into a training schedule that ensures your pup is well prepared for the trip and ready to literally hit the ground running with vaccinations, socialisation and basic skills well on track.

Over the last 12 years we have exported on average, one puppy per year to destinations such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Laos, Philippines, Japan and UAE. We are happy to take international applications at any time but our ability to accommodate requests will depend on our breeding schedule. We need at least 4-6 weeks to prepare for export – check our International fact sheet and for more information, feel free to contact us.

Reports are that Liam has settled in well, is much loved and is growing like a bean!  He still LOVES the water and has taken up a new sport of hiking with his family.