Amalie Thumbelina and Peru – new labradoodle puppies on the Bellarine Peninsula!

We are delighted to show you our newest mini / small medium litter of Labradoodle puppies! Primmy (Amalie Thumbelina) is a first time mummy. She came to us a week before she was due so that she could settle in and become familiar again with all the smells and happenings of our household. We monitor each girl’s temperature so we can detect when she is about to have her pups. There are typical tell tale signs that accompany her temperature subtly dropping. Most mums have their pups within 24-48hrs of their due date and pregnancy is just 9 weeks. A lot happens in that time and the miracle of newborn puppies never ceases to amaze me.

Prim has taken to motherhood easily – she is a quietly confident girl and is happy to have Peru check in on her babies. Our next small medium puppies will be available from Geelong / Bellarine Peninsula – contact us for more details about Capella’s upcoming litter.

Primmy and her babies - 2 weeks