Amalie Oh My Darling Clementine’s litter with Amalie Artie – fleece coated labradoodle puppies.

A photo album for your enjoyment. These beautiful labradoodle puppies will be available for sale from the Bellarine Peninsula and have well balanced temperaments with some suited to therapy roles.

At 2 weeks

Puppies are born with eyes and ears closed… eyes open about between 10-16 days of age . These were taken at 2 weeks so some are open now, others are not quite. The predominant sensory tool in the newborn is the nose seeking out scent and warmth.

At 4 weeks

So much happens between week 2  to 4. Instead of just shimmying along like a turtle, puppies start to be physically strong enough to get up on their feet and they start to “walk and talk”. This lot are very vocal at times and can regulate their body temperature effectively that we can turn off the heater in their room. They begin to explore and start to”rumble”with their siblings.