Amalie Topaz

Amalie Topaz

AKA Nala

Nala is being mentored by her grandmother who will set the most wonderful and gentle example to her. She also has her father’s spirit which can be testing in the early years but perseverance will reap great rewards for all who come to know her and all who are lucky to meet her babies. She loves to swim!!

29 November 2021

Amalie The Doctor
Amalie Salamanca


Hips and Elbows
Patellas – normal
PennHip | 0.37, 0.33 – fabulous
AVA HIPS | 2+2=4
AVA Elbows | 0=0

Carrier Status | pendijng
Orivet ID | pending

Coat/Colour | Fleece / Gold
Colour genetics | Bbee

Pedigree | Download

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