Re-homing Maple and Polly

Sometimes things just don’t go to plan. It doesn’t happen often but, when it does, you want to know that your breeder has a re-homing policy; that they have a life-long ethical consideration for their puppies and can help you find a suitable new home if you are no longer able to care for your pet. In most cases, re-homing decisions are difficult and we are here to help and guide you, should you need us.

Over 15 years we have only re-homed a handful of dogs of various ages, for various reasons. Recently, Maple and Polly have needed to find new homes. Maple has found her place and we are super delighted with the outcome. As we look for the right family for Polly we thought it timely to tell you a bit about what’s involved.

Maple’s story

At 5 months of age, Maple hadn’t settled well to her new home and needed to return her to us. We assessed her health, behaviour and training and did a little remedial work. She had great fundamental training but needed to learn some social boundaries. It wasn’t long before we were able to settle her into a new home. Her new family are now adventuring together in New South Wales and Woody, a slightly older Groodle pal is working out that this sharing routine is not so bad.

Polly’s story

Polly is a more mature girl and at 3 years, circumstances have arisen that find her family facing an unenviable decision to find her a new home. She has been with us for 4 days and we can already see the change in having mature and well adjusted role models (including her Grandma, Lou Lou) about to guide her. We are working on reminding her of the things she learned as a pup – calm behaviour, polite social interactions and we have explored what she is comfortable with and what she is not.  She is a smart-cookie and a quick learner so we are moving ahead in leaps and bounds!

Super social when comfortable and trusting of her surrounds, she is a sweet and loving girl. We aim to place her with a family that has a multi-dog household as company is important to her.

UPDATE – Polly is settling into her new home and mastering some new skills at training and at home.


Each dog that is re-homed has his or her own experiences and memories that shape their repertoire of behaviours. As such, each needs an individualised assessment and training or re-training program. At Amalie Labradoodles, we see our role as providing support, suggesting some options to consider before proceeding to re-homing (often this is in the form of training approaches) and to be on hand to take back a pup or dog when a decision is made. We work with our vets, trainers and our pack to help each animal to find their feet so they are capable of integrating into a new home. Our assessment and training affords us the opportunity to gather information that informs what sort of home the animal needs and what advice we can provide to families to ensure the re-homing is a success.